Raw Beeswax

Raw Beeswax

Beeswax is formed by worker bees by secreting it from eight wax-producing mirror glands on the inner sides of its body.  The sizes of these wax glands depend on the age of the worker, and after many daily flights, these glands begin to gradually atrophy.

For thousands of years, beeswax has had a wide variety of applications; it has been found in the tombs of Egypt, in wrecked Viking ships, and in Roman ruins. Beeswax never goes bad and can be heated and reused.  It has been used:

  • As candles - the oldest intact beeswax candles north of the Alps dating to 6th/7th century AD

  • In the manufacture of cosmetics

  • For wax tablets used for a variety of writing purposes

  • In painting and dying

  • In cosmetics - lip balm, lip gloss, hand cream, and moisturizers

  • To strengthen and preserve sewing thread, cordage, shoe laces, etc.

  • As a component of sealing wax

  • To strengthen and to forestall splitting and cracking of wind instrument reeds

  • Waterproofing and in making non-toxic wood finishes

  • As an ancient form of dental tooth filling

Our beeswax is extracted from our hives on the premises and filtered to produce a 100% raw beeswax cake approximately 1lb in weight.  We also create small amounts using molds to provide beeswax in quantities suitable for most hobbyists needs.

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Beeswax Polish

Beeswax Polish

This is a superb quality polish based on our old Irish family recipe.  It is made from beeswax and mineral oil with a hint of lemongrass.   It can be easily used on wood, stone, leather, and marble.   Some use it to take the fingerprints off stainless steel appliances.  To apply simply take a paper towel or c..

$11.30 Ex Tax: $10.00

Raw Beeswax Chunks

Raw Beeswax Chunks

Our yellow Raw Beeswax Chunks contain pollen and honey, which account for its distinctively sweet, floral, honey-like aroma. If you're going to use a lot of wax, the chunks will be a good choice. Harvested from the honeycombs, our beeswax is 100% natural.  Natural beeswax has excellent antiseptic properties.  And, it contains a considerable amount of vitamin A - necessary ..

$13.56 Ex Tax: $12.00

Raw Beeswax Hearts

Raw Beeswax Hearts

These little gems are just the right size to use in hobbyists project such as making a small amount of lip balm, hand moisturizer, or even furniture finishing. They weigh in at 2.5 ounces each. Some people use them as candles or just put place in the bathroom to give off the distinctive beeswax aroma. ..

$2.26 Ex Tax: $2.00

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