Beekeeper's Corner

Beekeeper's Corner

Whatz Up @ Beatty Honey Farm 

Announcing HiveShare 2016 !!

We are quite excited about this new Community-Supported-Apiaries program, called HiveShare 2016.   

The Beatty HiveShare Program is about creating more honeybee colonies and more participation from the community.  HiveShare follows a similar theme as the successful Community-Supported-Agriculture (CSA) program.  Except, CSA is designed to connect consumers directly with fresh fruit and vegetable produce from the farm while sharing the financial burden with the farmer.  HiveShare connects consumers directly with local unpasteurized honey and honey products and in sharing the burden of upfront cost to create new honeybee colonies.   

The honeybee is threatened and the number of colonies in Ontario have been declining.  Hiveshare 2016 is designed to create new honeybee colonies and to provide a mechanism to get more people involved in beekeeping.  Supporting a full apiary operation takes space, time, skills, and finances.   Become a part owner in a new beehive at a fraction of the cost and help make a difference.   We have three new membership levels ... check them out!

January 1, 2016   Statistics Canada released their honey statistics report for 2015 

  • Ontario's honey production is down from 2014 by 11.1% compared to an overall increase of 11.4% for Canada

  • This roughly corresponds to a decrease in colony numbers of 10.3% in Ontario. Canada-wide figures show an overall increase in colonies of 3.6%

  • Average per colony production remains flat in Ontario at 93 pounds, down slightly from 93.8 in 2014

  • Average production per colony, Canada-wide, increased from 122.8 in 2014 to 132 in 2015, an increase of 7.5%

  • The number of beekeepers in Ontario is down 21.5%, from 3,262 in 2014 to 2,562 in 2015

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