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Beatty Honey

Beatty's Hot Honey

Beatty's Hot Honey

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Our Hot Honey drizzle is a combination of sweet and heat with a splash of passionfruit, lime, and lemon.   

Our local wildflower honey is infused with four different chili peppers.  It comes in a squeeze bottle making it a breeze to drizzle it on pizza, wings, BBQ chicken, or pair it on an appetizer platter with meats and cheese.   

Beatty's Hot Honey is all natural and contains no artificial sugar or preservatives. The aroma of the hand picked Ecuadorian mangoes, limes, and lemons gives our sauce a cool twist of tropical freshness not found in hot sauces found in at your supermarket.   

The tasting sensation is a delayed reaction ....your taste buds first pick up on the tropical flavours, followed by the honey sweetness as the heat from the peppers becomes more obvious.  

Try pairing our tropical hot sauce with french toast, eggs, BBQ chicken, fish, pork, ribs, hamburgers, pizzas, corn-on-the-cob.    Wanna kick it up a notch...use it when frying or BBQ'ing to add sweet heat and caramel browning.    

Concoct your own sauce and marinades using Beatty's Hot Honey as a cornerstone ingredient.   Get creative!    

Packaged in a non-drip 500g plastic squeeze bottle.  That's 12 Oz for you imperialists.

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