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Beatty Honey

Raw Bee Pollen

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Bee Pollen has long been considered nature's perfect food for humans.  It is richer in protein content than any animal protein and contains vitamins including B-complex. Since the protein is in the form of free amino acids Bee Pollen is quickly absorbed and metabolized.

What it is? 
Bee Pollen is primarily plant pollen. 

Where Does it Come From? 
Honeybees collect pollen granules from the plants they frequent. Since honeybees are general pollinators the bee pollen collected may vary significantly from one colony to the next.  The extraction is painless to the honeybee.  As the bee enters the hive some of the pollen collected on her legs brushes off into a man-made collector.  The rest of the pollen is packed into cells in the hive.  This pollen provides the colony a chief source of protein, which is especially critical for long winter months.  

An interesting Fact: It takes two and half billion granules to make up one teaspoon of Bee Pollen.  Hat's off to these incredible workers!